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Company description

Rate Date – is a dating site, providing a unique opportunity to hold an online video date auction. This service makes it possible not only to find and communicate with interesting people, but create and take part in video date auctions as well.

Rate Date includes a wide range of opportunities:

  • easy access to the service;
  • unlimited communication;
  • opportunity to take part in the online video date auction as a Rater and a Dater.

Dater – a registered user of Rate Date website, who places his or her profile on the online video date auction.

Rater – a registered user of Rate Date website, who participates in a tender on the online video date auction.

The primary goal of Rate Date Company is to unite as many lonely hearts as possible and make it easier for people to make acquaintances in the high tech age.

Business model

Business model

The key idea of the project is to hold online video date auctions.

Any registered user can place his or her profile on an auction as a Dater and make bets at other auctions as a Rater. When creating an auction, the Dater has an opportunity to select bet ticks and auction timeframes at his own discretion.

Dater will get access to the funds from the winning bet after the video date has taken place, in case of the absence of complaints from either of the parties. Rate Date service charges commission for every successful deal amounting to 20% of the winning bet. All the funds received from the online auction can be use within the service, as well as withdrawn to your personal wallet.

Monetization Methods and using RDT in the service:

  • the acquisition of premium accounts with enhanced functionality;
  • additional services for communication (gifts, emoji, etc.);
  • participation on the online video date auctions.


Security and Restrictions

Service Rate Date against using any type of fraud.

To avoid using of the site for commercial purposes, the number of auctions for the Dater (Initiator) will be limited. It does not extend to the possibility Rater (tenderer) and charity auctions.

It is forbidden to use the resources to display any kind of erotic services.


Charitable online video date auction

The company Rate Date provides an opportunity to participate in a charity event on the RateDate.net resource. The special function of the site will be a section with the holding of charity online video date auction. All funds received from the auctions will be transferred to charitable foundations.

download white paper Rate Date Website


To launch the investment program, Rate Date issues RDT for selling.

RDT token (Rate Date Token) – is an internal payment unit of the service, which grants the right to purchase additional services and participate in the online video date auctions.

All the RDT holders have an opportunity to make free use of token within Rate Date service, as well as for using them on the exchange.

The number of tokens is limited: 50 000 000 RDT, issued on Ethereum, ERC20. For sale in ICO will be exposed 37 000 000 RDT. During the ICO period, Rate Date plans to attract the maximum 5 000 ETH of investments.

Purchase of RDT – is a favorable and promising investment. Unique opportunities of the resource assume high level of demand for chargeable functionalities that will trigger growth of RDT price and will generate the expected profit for investors.

In the wake of rising amount of new Rate Date users, tokens will be bought back in order to support the service’s ecosystem.

Сhange in the price of RDT for users inside the service
Token price
The RDT buyback according to purchases inside the service
Tokens buyback
Token distribution
Ico distribution


1 ETH = 9000 RDT
15.01.18 - 28.01.18

ICO duration:
February 12, 2018 - March 28, 2018



For the bounty program will be allocated 2 500 00 RDT.

For attracting each registered potential investor 10 RDT will be credited for, within the bounty program, during the ICO and after the launch of the RateDate.net service.

For each involved user, who invested in the project will be credited with an additional 100 RDT to the account of the participant of the Bounty program.

Advantages of Bounty Rate Date:

  1. Excludes the possibility of a sharp fall in the rate of RDT due to the defrosting of the Bounty pool.
  2. Attraction of 250 000 new users to the RateDate.net resource.
  3. Each registered user within the Service RateDate.net has the ability to attract users through the Bounty program and use tokens within the resource at their discretion (all earned RDT remain on the account of the participant of the program).

The program will remain in effect until the reserve of allocated tokens for Bounty is exhausted.


soft cap

250 ETH - a minimum amount, required for project implementation. Providing the dating site with online video date auction and mobile application.

hard cap

5 000 ETH - expansion of technical support, development and introduction of new chargeable services, enhanced PR campaign for attracting more than 1 000 000 users

Road Map

  • Prototyping of RateDate.net website

    Q4 2017

  • Pre Sale

    Q1 2018

  • ICO

    Q1 2018

  • Beta version of RateDate.net website

    Q1 2018

  • RDT Unfreezing

    April 15, 2018

  • Launch of the online video date auction

    Q2 2018

  • Launch of the mobile application

    Q3 2018

  • Beta version of plugin "datenet"

    Q3 2018

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Our Team


Katerina Usatenko

Founder, CEO

Expert on foreign economic activity. 5 years of experience in successful development of company’s business processes, implementation in all the fields of commercial activity, experience in generating strategies of long-term business development and recurrent outlining of various marketing systems.


Dmitriy Abel

Chief Technology Officer

Work experience 5 years.
Project manager in companies giglob.ru and syndicad.com. Participated in creation of a progressive gaming exchange.


Mikhail Kruglichenko

Strategic Planning Manager

Ph.D. in Economics. 8 years of working experience in the field of economic development. Participant of international economic forums and seminars.


Dmitry Nadsadin

Project Manager, Developer

Working experience 4 years. Hit the podium in international Competition backed by AT Consulting and Oracle companies “Programming: SQL”. Experience in team software development, using Git and Redmine. Experience in working with North-American market.


Denis Goroshko

Web-Designer, Front-End Developer

Working experience 8 years. Experience in team working on various projects in Russia (Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Sevastopol). Headed the list at an international competition World It Planet backed by Huawei Company in nomination of 3D modeling.


Katerina Voronkina

Designer, Illustrator

Working experience 9 years. Cofounder of SMM agency “Umnaya reklama” (“Smart advertising”) from 2009. Claimed a victory in Ukraine-wide photo project “Woman’s image” from Oblik.media magazine in 2014, in which she participated as a retouch artist. Currently is working as a designer in developing SMM agency “Level up” in Saint Petersburg.


Romanliashko 200x200

Roman Liashko

Investor and specialist in business development.

Experience in formation and developing companies from Startup to IPO with a capitalization of $ 364m. Participated in the development one of the most successful in the EU Social Trading Network (xsocial.eu).